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Our Services

We will have special negotiated rates for hotels, flights, car hire and other ancillaries, and have tailored your booking to incorporate all your needs, such as:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast
  • Loyalty points

You can speak with someone on the phone and receive excellent customer service as well as trusted expert recommendations. We will also create a full profile on you, enabling us to protect you while travelling by accessing your emergency contact details. The details of your trip will be recorded, so that your journey can be monitored. You could have a full trip itinerary sent to your smartphone, and any changes that need to be made will be taken care of by us.

Journey & during the trip

You’ll be contacted with updates about changes to your journey. If required, your pre-booked transfer will be waiting at arrivals to collect you. At the hotel check-in desk, you’ll be more likely to receive a room upgrade, and you’ll collect your loyalty points if you’re a member. You’ll have a 24-hour contact service if anything goes wrong, offering you emergency assistance if you need it - Nowadays with social media being a huge platform to communicate, its nice to have the more personal, comforting touch of a phone call to check in on you. If you have any problems, or have missed your flight, we’ll help you fix it.


We are always keen to get your feedback about your trip so we can endeavour to improve our service to you next time, and we’ll remember your booking preferences for next time.

Collecting Loyalty Rewards

Love collecting loyalty rewards on your travel arrangements? This doesn’t have to stop because you are booking through Fred. Olsen Business Travel

If you are an avid collector of loyalty rewards, booking your travel with us need not prevent you from maintaining your hard-earned status.

We will work with you to create a travel policy that strikes a balance between achieving a practical and cost-efficient itinerary, and giving you the freedom to collect loyalty rewards with one or several preferred flight suppliers.

You will also be able to collect loyalty rewards from any participating hotel chain you’re staying with. Plus, because you’ll be recognised as a corporate customer, you will be first in line for availability-dependent benefits of hotel loyalty programmes, such as room upgrades.

24/7 Out of Hours Support

Fred. Olsen Business Travel works in partnership with an out of hours specialist which, enables us to provide support to our customers when the office is closed.

In the UK or when you are overseas, just dial the out of hours number and you will be put through to a Business Travel Consultant who will handle your out of hours requirement.

This service is available to customers upon their request for emergencies between 17:30 and 08:30 GMT weekdays, or anytime on weekends.